Editorial Policy

1.    Context

Propulsion Québec, the cluster for electric and smart transportation manages this portal.

The objective of the Editorial policy is to define the general framework under which information is disseminated on the Propulsion Québec portal, as well as the standards of content presentation, editing and management.

2.    General principles of the Editorial policy

The published information must fit Propulsion Québec’s mandate and the needs of its members and the portal’s users. The information and resources present on the portal must contribute to the following:

  • Promote Québec’s electric and smart land transportation sectors so as to allow Québec businesses to showcase their products and services as well as their industrial and research capabilities to potential customers or partners;
  • Facilitate access for Québec businesses in the sector to services of various types;
  • Offer active opportunity monitoring;
  • Contribute to the growth of Québec businesses in the electric and smart land transportation sectors on a national and international scale.

Furthermore, regarding the information shared by users:

  • Any contribution to Propulsion Québec portal is made voluntarily and may not give rise to any form of remuneration;
  • The publication of content does not constitute an endorsement from Propulsion Québec. The users remain responsible for the content they publish;
  • Propulsion Québec does not assume any responsibility in regard to the content published by its users or in regard to the content of other websites that users may access using the links displayed on the Propulsion Québec portal website. The inclusion of these links does not indicate that Propulsion Québec approves of the content of the sites that are linked and implies no association between Propulsion Québec and the operators of these sites.

Beyond the presentation of services, news, events and business opportunities to organizations wishing to expand their activities in the sector of electric and smart land transportation, Propulsion Québec’s objective is to link them together (or connect them).

2.1    Information structure of the content

To better help you navigate the site and access the information that is relevant to you, you can consult the following sections:






These main chapters make up the core of the information content structure. The Propulsion Québec platform grants access to content according to customer profiles and operational windows.

2.2    Target customers

The Propulsion Québec portal aims to reach all customers across all spheres of the electric and smart land transportation: electric vehicles, smart vehicles, electric infrastructure and smart infrastructure.

2.3    Accessibility

Propulsion Québec ensures that the presentation of its content meets the current standards of the Internet.

2.4    Language used

The content of the Propulsion Québec portal is published in both official languages, English and French.

If you address any questions or comments to us, we will reply in the language chosen by the sender, be it English or French.

2.5    Copyright

All texts, articles, images, works or other documents located on the portal are protected by the Copyright Act.

2.6    Privacy

Propulsion Québec ensures that the information that is disseminated on the portal does not violate any privacy rights. For more details, please consult our Privacy policy.

2.7    Information security

Access to certain sections of the portal meant for restricted users and to subscribers’ records is protected. These documents are also not detectable by search engines (whether internal or external).

2.8    Statistics and performance measures

Propulsion Québec collects statistics on the portal’s traffic (for example, access rate, most popular pages). This information is taken into account when making any decision relative to the communication approaches and management of the portal.

3.    Responsibilities

The portal is managed by Propulsion Québec, which defines the main priorities and approves the general developmental guidelines and policies, as well as the standards and procedures required to ensure the proper functioning of the portal.

Propulsion Québec has functional responsibility of the portal and sees to the development of policies, procedures and standards of presentation relative to it, as well as to the development and renewal of its content.

Propulsion Québec is in charge of editing and translating texts, promoting the portal in its various forms, and checking the quality of the content, the language and the graphic presentation of the documents.

4.    Presentation and browsing standards

Propulsion Québec’s graphic standards have been developed in the interest of professionalism and coherence. They provide the user with easy and user-friendly access to the desired information thanks to the visual harmonisation of the entire portal in terms of content presentation.

4.1    Indexing

The content published on the Propulsion Québec portal is indexed following standard meta-tag format. Indexing serves various customer bases in their search for information on the portal, whether through external meta-search engines or the portal’s search engine.

4.2    External references

Insofar as an external site is aligned with the content development priorities of a site it wishes to reference, the creation of a hyperlink will be allowed provided it does not violate the Copyright Act. The preliminary permission of the referenced site’s administrator is required.

In contrast, the authorizations granted to reference the Propulsion Québec portal should outline the reasons why the authorization has been given, the nature of the host site and the duration of the authorization, if applicable. The authorization should encourage the creation of a hypertext link leading to the homepage rather than to a specific document. In the latter case, Propulsion Québec portal’s logo should be displayed on the text page.

4.3    Email for questions and comments

All messages sent to Propulsion Québec portal’s main email address (portal@propulsionquebec.com) are processed by the portal manager and, if need be, redirected to the person most apt to respond within a reasonable timeframe.

4.4    Advertising

Advertising space is provided in certain sections of this portal.

Only selected Propulsion Québec’s partners are eligible to display their logo in the footer and/or the page About. Any other form of publicity is prohibited.

5.    Editorial policy update

The last update to this policy was applied on April 12, 2019.

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