Why should I register my organization with the Portal?

  1. It's free and the networking possibilities are endless!
    In addition to bringing together the players in the electric and intelligent transportation ecosystem, the Portal is a free showcase for your organization. Multiply your chances of being found by creating your profile!
  2. Do you have a problem? Someone in the ecosystem may have the solution!
    The Portal allows you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of a community dedicated to electric and intelligent transportation, just like you. Don't hesitate to ask your peers!
  3. Be notified of the latest news that interests you!
    The Portal allows you to customize your notifications so that you only receive the content that interests you. You are in control!

How do I register my organization with the Portal?



  1. The administrator is looking for his organization
    In the Portal, under "Companies / Add my company". Enter the name of your organization in the search bar.
  2. The administrator completes or creates the organizational profile
    At this stage, it is important to fill out the form properly because after it is completed, your organization's form will be put online. Don't forget to check off all the segments/markets, etc. corresponding to your organization. This is what other organizations will use to find you in the Portal!
    **Use your professional email address to register for the Portal**
  3. Propulsion Québec authorizes access
  4. Your organization's profile is online
    Be sure to keep it up to date.


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What do I have access to?

Please refer to the table below for an overview of the different accesses granted according to the user's status.